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    Feelings and Emotions in the Context of Shame

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    Feelings and Emotions and Moods, Oh My!   Is there a difference, or can we use whichever word we want?   Well, of course you can do what you like, but there are differences between these words.   The Effect of Affect   It all begins with affect. Nope, not effect…affect. Now, you may have some bad grammar experiences being called to mind right now. There’s a place for that, but I’m not talking about the difference between effect and affect. I’m talking about a biological response to a situation that results in an emotional state. An affect, according to…

  • wearing masks

    Wearing Masks

    TL/DR: The issue of wearing masks is not a matter of the head but of the heart.   What if the ongoing debates about masks aren’t about individual freedoms? What if they have more to do with the human desire…

  • God's Love in Need
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    God’s Love in Times of Need

    Does God love me when I’m needy? Of course He does, right? The New Testament has pages filled with this idea. 1 Peter 5: 5-7 is a great example:   But let all of you clothe yourselves with humility towards…

  • hurt people

    Hurt and Shame in James 4

    “Hurt People hurt people.” You may have heard it before, but why is it true? Chip Dodd explains this in a modified view of the trauma triangle:   The trauma triangle is an observable reality in most human experience. It’s…

  • shame

    All This Talk About Shame

    But what is shame? It’s has gotten a good deal of press lately. But there’s a problem. We don’t know what it is. Well, to be more precise, we don’t know how to be … well, precise. The main problem…

  • feelings and intuitive thinkers
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    Feelings and Intuitive Thinkers

    As an intuitive thinker, when was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” Maybe you do this all the time. But I’m guessing, as a fellow intuitive thinker, that your feelings are…

  • Fields of Gold

    Maturity Isn’t Needing Less

    I’ve been wrong about a lot. I didn’t think the Braves would ever win a World Series. I didn’t think that skinny jeans would ever catch on. I thought that I would never want a Smartphone. I’ve definitely missed a…

  • Mountain Climber Struggling

    Struggling Side-by-Side

    In spiritual growth, why don't we expect pain? Why don't we expect to ache? Why don't we anticipate the bumps and bruises of spiritual development?