Emotional Health: Is it a Big Deal?

Emotional Health Researcher Wesley Price

I think it is! My name is Wesley Price. I’m an emotional health researcher and coach. I help leaders make greater impact by helping them to grown in Emotional Intelligence and resiliency.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is all about being able to identify feelings in yourself and in others. Emotional Resiliency is about being able to experience and endure distressing emotions without being overcome or emotionally reactive toward others.

I Can Help By:

  • Speaking: The Emotion of Shame, EQ in Education, 4MAT
  • Coaching: Emotional Processing, Life Coaching
  • Consulting: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

About Me:

I have always loved helping people. As a result, I’ve studied everything from Culture to Theology to Education to various theories on emotions to be able to help people see how God made them to flourish in Life.

I’m convinced that if we don’t understand our emotions, then we will have a hard time building relationships. If we have problems building relationships, then we’ll struggle with personal and professional goals. We’ll also fail to grow and flourish. Why? Because relationships are the key to everything we were designed to enjoy in life.

Reach out today and let’s talk about increasing your Emotional Health, EQ, and Resilience. We can increase your ability to build healthy relationships, increase productivity, and help you reach your personal and professional goals.

About My Process:

I call it the BE FAIR process.

Build Trust → Explore Your World → Focus Your Goals → Advance Your Plan → Intend Good for You → Recognize Effort

Build Trust: We start with where you are and seek to establish trust and safety.

Explore Your World: Next, I help you evaluate your own ability to identify and explore your feelings. We also discuss where you are in terms of the health of your personal relationships.

Focus Your Goals: Then, we move toward clarity. Where do you want to go? What would it look like if your relationships were different? What could you accomplish in life or in business?

Advance Your Plan: How can you get there? Here’s where you tell me how you can reach these goals, and I help you stick to it. This is the point where we navigate obstacles and plan for change.

Intend Good for You: But every journey has potential dangers, so who will help? What hazards do you need to avoid, and how do we steer your course to include all the help you’ll need. Most importantly, where will courage come from, and how can I help to keep you motivated toward your preferred future?

Recognize Effort: Each session I will make it a point to help you recognize your own effort and celebrate progress with you.