Feelings and Intuitive Thinkers

As an intuitive thinker, when was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” Maybe you do this all the time. But I’m guessing, as a fellow intuitive thinker, that your feelings are not exactly on the tip of your consciousness—though they definitely live way down deep inside of you. In short, do feelings and intuitive thinkers go hand in hand?

Until recently, that was never for me.

I was emotionally unreflective. Which is ironic, because I’m a reflective person. I’m a reflective learner. I’m an intuitive thinking introvert, for crying out loud!

But, alas, unreflective emotionally.

In effect, I was growing mentally—you know, acquiring knowledge in the quest to slay all intellectual dragons and obstacles. But I was not growing emotionally.

But, as Chip Dodd points out, “We all hunger to love and be loved.”

So, how can I meet the need to love and be loved when I’m an emotional infant? I certainly can’t think my way into that desired future. I knew I needed help, so I’ve begun a journey toward emotional health.

It’s not always awesome.

In fact, it can be extremely annoying—dealing with feelings and processing loss and trying to explore where the hurt or the anger or the fear is coming from. It’s exhausting!

But it’s worth it.

Just the other day my five-year-old son was having a meltdown. This isn’t uncommon. What was uncommon was my ability to stay present. In the past I would have tried to short-circuit his emotional outburst, shut him down, and make it all stop.

Instead, I tried to help him self-regulate. Helped him to breathe again. Asked him to tell me about his feelings. Asked about what he needed.

Turns out…he needed me to get rid of a spider in the stairwell.


And in return for getting rid of the spider?

I got a hug and a ton of gratitude.

Didn’t see any of that coming.

You usually don’t see everything that’s coming on a journey. And, for me, emotional health is a journey toward a destination of freedom where feelings and intuitive thinkers go hand in hand.

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