executive coachingLeadership is as exciting as it is difficult. You cast a vision, ask for buy in, and manage everyone toward execution. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy…Right? Of course that’s not true. Leadership is hard. People are complex. And there are always problems to solve that get in the way of reaching any vision.

And that’s where I can help. I’ve come to appreciate an adaptive approach to leadership. Let me teach you how this works, and help you understand what your default approach is. Let me help you move from managing people to developing and empowering them. I can do it with a smile – because I don’t take myself too seriously.

Along the way, I’ll help you see the need for increasing your team’s emotional intelligence (EQ). Your people are smart and capable! And they’re most likely capable of even more. In The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (2019), Daniel Goleman points out that emotional intelligence is vital to establishing a thriving workplace. The leadership strategies that develop from growing in EQ are directly related to better performance. This includes financial performance!

So, let me help you make a plan for your team. And let’s keep moving toward better results together.


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